Hey, I'm Alea.

I am a holistic experience designer. Also, I'm a person who believes in the power of art, inclusion, creativity, good food, and positive affirmations.
I am currently really interested in transition design and how we can use design to make our world more responsible, ethical, and sustainable.
I am currently designing conversations at Best Buy.

A little about me.

I am an experienced designer with a Masters in Human Computer Interaction Design and 4 years of work experience. My favorite part of the design process is ideation; I love creative problem solving and leading brainstorming sessions among groups of designers.

My personal design perspective focuses on responsibility and ethics to create products. I believe that designers bear significant responsibility in our modern world, and my user-focused viewpoint puts people first, thinking about their wants and needs and how we can incorporate them in sustainable ways. I began my career working in the non-profit sector, so ethics and “doing good” has always been important to me. My goal is to become a leader to help make design a more responsible field. In my free time I like to read, cook, eat, craft, do art, scuba dive, and travel.




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